LOUHE gathers essential data sources from campuses and buildings and creates unique and essential knowledge view utilising machine learning and Explainable AI.
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from our customers

"Louhe extracts, refines and analyses the data generated by security systems so that these can be used in day-to-day security management, and as part of the decision-making process in acute situations and emergencies, but also in development and optimisation of operations and processes."

Tuomas Lehmusmetsä, Director, chief security officer, Senate properties

"Louhe enables the increase of efficiency of industrial operations by utilising data that has not been available before."

Mikko Viitasaari, Corporate Security Director, UPM


Our customers face unprecedented challenges in identifying vulnerabilities and intentional misuse in their physical operating environment.

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Now it is possible to utilise data that has been sitting untapped and siloed in various systems. That data can now be accessed and is available for analysis with reasonable effort.

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The tools provided by machine learning and megatrends of IoT and Big Data enable us to teach available neural network search methods work more accurately and efficiently.

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LOUHE Explainable AI


LOUHE technology is built around various data sources from campuses, industrial properties and real estate. LOUHE extracts and refines data with machine learning and explainable AI to provide unique view to support situation awareness in the work and decision-making of security management and property development professionals.

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With LOUHE and other services, we offer our customers intelligence in security and property management by utilising data that has already been used to collected with significant resources, but its full potential has remained untapped.

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Jukka Laakso


Significant experience and successful career in security and safety industries. Deep insight into the future of the industries and of the technologies involved.

Eira Hurskainen


Expert in running IT projects of different sizes and different industries. Also, experienced in internationalisation and market entries, ​

Hannes Huotari


Technology and business designer with experience from tech companies of all sizes. Unique ability to combine technology and the core businesses of companies.​

Kary Främling


Professor and scientist with leading research of AI and neural networks. Deep understanding of data, algorithms and their full potential.​



Tatu Monto has 15 years of experience from private security sector in various different roles in business development and leading teams as well as in commercial roles. Tatu’s core expertise is in cyber security, preparedness and technology solutions.


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