Leading Cyber Security Experts To Accelerate Growth and Internationalisation of Louhos Solutions Oy

Security and property technology start-up Louhos Solutions raised funding from a group of distinguished investors in the field of cyber security to fuel its growth and internationalisation. The company’s active and knowledgeable investor base is strengthened with Risto Siilasmaa’s First Fellow and with T2AB.VC, backed by cyber technology pioneers Mikko Hyppönen, Tomi Tuominen and Henri Lindberg.

Louhos Solutions Oy launched their LOUHE technology in September 2022. “LOUHE creates better situational awareness, recognition of deviations and detection of security vulnerabilities for relevant user groups regardless of the source system. Our LOUHE technology is powered by Explainable AI. With our technology, we can help our customers to utilize the full potential of the physical security systems they already have in use. LOUHE gives security and property management the tools and understanding they need in their day-to-day work and decision making, in the same way as cyber security solutions have been able to provide for quite sometime already”, elaborates Hannes Huotari, the CTO and Founder of Louhos Solutions. 
The market potential for Louhos Solutions is significant. There is a huge demand in the market for a solution that analyses security and property system data from multiple source systems simultaneously. Physical and cyber security are constantly being driven closer to each other and this trend will only highlight the need for a solution like LOUHE. It is estimated that the size of the global security market will reach 250 billion euros in 2024, of which the European market will account for about 46 billion euros.
”We were intrigued by the LOUHE technology that utilises data analytics in physical security in a similar fashion that it is utilised in cybersecurity”, says Risto Siilasmaa from First Fellow.
”We are extremely happy to be able to further reinforce our strong group of investors with internationally renowned professionals, who want to have an active role in taking our company forward. With this funding round and added expertise to our team, we are ready to take the next leap to growth and internationalisation”, states Jukka Laakso, the CEO and Founder of Louhos Solutions.
Jukka Laakso, CEO,+358 40 060 1436, jukka.laakso@louhe.fi
Hannes Huotari, CTO, +358 50 485 8597, hannes.huotari@louhe.fi

Released 11.1.2023.

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